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Music and Arts (MAARTS): A community-based resource for the music, arts and entertainment industry

Music and Arts (MAARTS) will be a community resource for the music, arts and entertainment industry in Orlando, FL offering access to instruments, industry tools & equipment, technology, training and mentorship. The primary focus will be to provide under-privileged children in the community access to learn a specific instrument or art form and provide them with a platform to showcase what they have learned, further promoting their growth.  This program will also help to create relationships by connecting participants to industry professionals and events.

Program Objectives for Music, Art & Entertainment




Music Production



Jazz Ensembles

Vocal (Acapella, Choir)

Marching Band



Stage Performance

Praise & Worship

Music History

Artist Development


Photography, Film, and Video

Graphics and Web Design

Recording and Sound Design

Marketing & Branding

Addressing the Need

Due to budgeting and funding issues, many schools have cut their music and arts programs or brought in outside resources that are often too expensive for many families, and in many cases eliminate students from participating at all. Capturing the interest and imagination of children when they are young can aid in their cognitive development and is essential to the growth and development of the music, arts and entertainment industry.

To meet the challenges, MAARTS will create relationships and partner with various institutions such as UCF, Rollins College, Full Sail, Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Dr. Phillips Center and more to provide instruments, lessons, access to venues, mentors and other in-kind services to meet our goals.  This program will provide awareness to industry needs and supply an outlet for children and families who otherwise may not have access or exposure to the Arts.  MAARTS will encourage participants to use their creativity to express themselves and their ideas in a positive productive manner by exposing and expanding their knowledge of music, art and entertainment.

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